Behavioral Analysis

I help you understand your full primary emotional framework. This includes your brain type, communication style, cardinal traits, emotional speed, temperament, conflict strategy, drivers, desires, needs, personal conflicts, and leadership style.

Motivational Analysis

This helps you understand your workplace drivers. This includes 7 value elements associated with moving you into a path forward. It encompasses theoretical values, economic values, power values, altruism, autonomy, regulation, and creativity.

HVP World Scores

This covers two world stages: the inner and outer world. It measures empathy, uncommon sense, system judgment, self-esteem, role awareness, self-direction and what you pay attention too within these spaces. It covers what you see as important.

“Steve Sisler is an anomaly. His intuitive insights into people and the dynamics of people in the workplace is incredible. He is simply unbelievable!”

John Stockholm